Out of the Workshop

by Blake Hodgetts

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Blake's second studio album, following <i>Blindsight</i>, released in 2004 and available at CDBaby and other online stores.


released June 12, 2018

All performances by Blake Hodgetts.


all rights reserved



Blake Hodgetts Eugene, Oregon

Blake's just this guy, you know?

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Track Name: Can't Keep Watching You
I think it's finally time to tell you
Though I treasure golden moments that we shared
The truth is, we both know that it's not working
And I've tried to face the facts, but I've been scared
Now every evening we're together
I try hard to find the love that I once knew
It's not how it used to be
And it's pretty plain to me
That your writers' brains have all turned into goo

And I'm afraid I can't keep watching you
This dreck that you've become
And every time I turn you on, you turn me off
Because you've grown so dumb.
I'm sorry, but I can't keep watching you
It hurts inside my brain
And somehow I'll endure the pain
Of empty Monday nights
You used to brighten up my week
But someone turned out the lights

I'm not sure when I started feeling
That your scripts were not coherent anymore
And your actors all show signs of waning patience
With performances phoned in from Bangalore
Once plots were richly convoluted;
Now, there's deeper meaning in a toddler's scrawl.
Yes, it's plain the shark's been jumped,
And all pretense has been dumped
That there's anything worth tuning in at all

And that is why I can't keep watching you
My Tivo has been cleared
For characters are jumping ship
Like drowning rats
They've all but disappeared
It's tragic but I can't keep watching you
It's worse than infantile
And though your reruns make me smile
In syndication still
You used to be must-see TV
But now you're dishwater swill

You should have pulled the plug in season five
The characters we liked were still alive
We'd all be better off...
I won't be made a fool again;
For god's sake, don't retool again!

Have mercy, 'cause I can't keep watching you
I just can't stands no more
The regulars are counting days
Till contracts end,
Then bolting for the door
Not even rabid fans keep watching you:
They've all run out of steam.
The music of your opening theme
Is like a dentist's drill
I really can't keep watching you
But knowing me
If nothing else is on
I prob'ly will
Track Name: Vampire Bunnies
The stars are just emerging on the coverlet of night
And on the west horizon, I see Venus burning bright
I love this time of evening, when the crickets start to call
But there's work I must attend to, as the shadows gently fall.
To all of my surroundings, I must pay most careful heed,
As I approach the hutches, for it's nearly time to feed.
I shudder to imagine their gnawing hunger pangs:
Those tiny little bunnies, with tiny little fangs

And the vampire bunnies are restless tonight,
And their eyes, erubescent, are faintly aglow,
And they're boring right through me, unblinking,
And I worry how much they've been drinking,
And the unholy thoughts that they're thinking,
I don't want to know....
No, don't let me know.

It's a mystery where they came from, and they're not a common breed,
And maybe, if I'd known at first, I'd never have agreed.
But somehow it seems right to raise these rabbits on my farm,
To guard them with my life, to see that nothing brings them harm.


I started with a pair, and they have done much more than thrive.
Indentured to their care, I bring them all of their prey alive.
It's very disconcerting, the rate at which they grow,
And they multiply like — well, you probably know.

They prick their velvet ears up as they gather for the kill,
And they twitch their little noses as they drink their thirsty fill.
Their fur is soft and fluffy, but it’s clammy to the touch,
And their eyes give me the willies, so I don’t pet them much.
I’ve tried to be suspicious, but they’re just so doggone cute,
And the question of their provenance is fast becoming moot.
The more I keep their bellies full, the more they reproduce,
And I’m running out of hutch space; soon, I’ll have to turn them loose.

Please don't let me know...

Oh, dear God, no…
Track Name: I Want to Be Your Hero
I want to be your hero
It would be swell to catch you when you fall
Dive in the well to fetch your golden ball
I want to be the one
I want to be your hero
Crawl into Hades, take you to the light
When you're afraid, I'll make it seem all right
Until you see the sun
I want to be your hero

I want to be your knight in armor,
To dash into the dragon's lair
I want to be your princely charmer,
To flash my royal flag and swear
Eternal love
Sweet turtledove

I want to be your hero
Come in the nick of time to save the day
Prove with a click that crime just doesn't pay
And keep you safe and sound
I want to be your hero
To tie the game and score the winning run
Set hearts aflame and, more than anyone
Be who you'll want around
I want to be your hero

I want to be the one you're missing
To be the most unspoiled of men
When there's a villain whom you're hissing,
He'll find that he's been foiled again
By none but me
My bumblebee

I want to be your hero
Ensure your fear is gone without delay
Put maple syrup on your breakfast tray
And chocolate in your hand
I want to be your hero
If I espied your next felicity
And multiplied it exponentially
Like the Sahara's sand
Then I could be your hero
Please let me be your hero
I want to be your hero
Track Name: Moon Companions
Ganymede, Io, Europa, Callisto,
Attending your master, so nearly a star
Those nights Galileo unraveled your wandering,
Wonderingly from afar,
Could he have imagined how different you are?

Favored cupbearer is Ganymede, beautiful boy of the stars
The king of the Sol system's satellites, nearly the measure of Mars
His atmosphere is thin,
An iron core within;
Between them lie four billion years' worth of scars


Io, tormented by flies, had to bide in a cow's lowly form.
Her namesake is red of complexion, with sulfurous volcanoes aswarm
Beset by mighty tides,
Her turbulent insides
Revise Io's surface and take it by storm

[guitar solo]

Europa was robbed of her virtue by Jove in the form of a bull
Her moon guards an ocean of water, kept warm by her lord's tidal pull
A million fissures slice
A crazy-quilt of ice:
Of what hidden mysteries might this sea be full?


Artemis' nymph was Callisto, deceived by a cross-dresser's snare
Her fate found her flung to the heavens, bereft and bewitched as a bear
Most distant of the four,
She's bound forevermore
By Jupiter's red-eyed, tempestuous stare

Track Name: The Ballad of Vasiliy Arkhipov
War was cold in 1962;
The whole world was holding its breath
Uneasy peace could crumble any day:
Would skies rain down clouds of death?
The Cuban threat had the White House tense
And it seemed Khrushchev would not yield to sense
Soviet submarines, all in self-defense,
Patrolled the Atlantic coast

Vasiliy Arkhipov was just a simple man
He served Mother Russia the best that he could
When worlds hang in balance, as sometimes they can
It takes one like Vasiliy to tip back the scales for good

Vasiliy came from humble peasant stock
He'd fought 'gainst Japan, sweeping mines
That autumn day, he was stationed on a sub,
The F-Class B-59
The Navy fleet tried to roust them out,
And a depth-charge siege kept them tossed about.
Out of radio contact, they lurched in doubt:
Had war been declared at last?


Savitsky was the captain in command.
He judged that the hour has struck
"We must launch now: the moment is at hand;
We've run out of time and luck."
Maslennikov felt he had to say
That the captain's right and it looks that way
And Vasiliy felt, with no small dismay,
The stir of a private ghost...


Vasiliy had served aboard another sub,
The Hotel-Class K-19
An overheated reactor near meltdown--
Vassiliy remembered the scene.
He knew first-hand of that deadly glow
And just what it meant if they made it so
So he took a stand and he shouted, "No!
Some deeds we cannot undo.
This has gone too far: there's a world at stake
And this fateful call is not ours to make
We must surface now, for our children's sake."
...And the missiles never flew.

Vasiliy Arkhipov was just a simple man
He served Mother Russia the best that he could
When worlds hang in balance, as sometimes they can
It takes one like Vasiliy
One like Vasiliy
It takes one like Vasiliy to tip back the scales for good
За здорове! [Russian for "to (your) health!"]
Track Name: Comforted Fears
The bright moon has risen, and with it a cry
Of anguish and triumph I cannot deny
I prowl through the night while the innocent sleep
And murder the shepherds as well as their sheep
I howl with the torment of ecstasy's toll
Driven by needs that I cannot control
The hunger for blood, and the lust for the kill
The deeper the shame is, the greater the thrill

With lonely men's need for a prostitute's bed
I slaughter the flock till desire is fed
But passion and pleasure depart with a jolt
And pain in my side from a silver-white bolt
Dismayed and afraid, from the watchmen I fly
Unworthy to live but unwilling to die
The sickening shame in me twists like a knife
As I helplessly fall at the feet of my wife

My terrible secret I never have shared
Because of the penalty I never dared
i never imagined in all of my years
That someone could comfort the monster she fears

My wife is an innocent; she never guessed
A hideous viper could hide in her nest
The deaths that so saddened her heart to the core--
She had no idea they might fall at her door
And though I appear more like monster than man,
Miraculously, my wife knows who I am
She quickly perceives the extent of my sin,
And yet, for some reason she welcomes me in

When neighbors arrive here in search of their prey,
She lies to their faces and sends them away,
And tends to my injuries all through the night,
After she muzzles me so I won't bite

She gently removes the dread bolt from my side
And strokes fur that so coarsely covers my hide
She brings me such easement I've not felt in years,
And carefully comforts the monster she fears

The morning sun rises to see me made whole,
Excepting the miserable ache in my soul
As, broken and tearful, I try to explain
Why I have engendered such horror and pain
Despite the misdeeds I can never defend
My wife, like an alchemist, sets me to mend
My ugly confession's a kind of relief
As guilt in my heart is transmuted to grief

With strength like a reed during high river flows
She calmly assesses the threat that I pose
She will not allow me to slaughter more sheep
But if I'll obey her, my secret she'll keep
So now when the moonlight shines down on the field
She chains me in iron, our neighbors to shield
And keeps close the silver bolt, sharp and concealed,
For though she may bind me, I'll never be healed

She cannot absolve me; it isn't her place
And yet her acceptance is something like grace
it's more than I hoped for in all of my years
That my wife should comfort the monster she fears
Track Name: Cool Cat
Hey, cool cat, where you steppin' tonight
All dressed up in the black and the white?
Looks like you've got plans to roam
Won't be wastin' time at home
Decked out in your finest fur
A connoisseur
Of flair
Hey, cool cat, in your dickey and spats
So classy, the Gene Kelley of cats
The manxes on the fence will hail
The elegance of your tail
You really know how to wail
Cool cat!

Hey, cool cat, it's a quarter to eight
Get moving! You don't want to be late
You'll get pussies, that's for sure
They'll be lined up out the door
You have got a date to keep,
It's great to be
Hey, cool cat, with your whiskers soignés
All fixed up in the family way
The kitties come from miles around
But won't litter up the pound
Enjoy your night on the town
Cool cat!
Track Name: Jennifer
Oh, there are many Jennifers
(We all know the name was popular)
My life's been filled with Jennifers
Since the time I was small
You're not just any Jennifer
You're the one who made a difference
When I was all alone you were the one who found the door in the wall
I built around myself

Fair and pure in Celtic tongue
And Jennifer, that describes you well
And every ballad ever sung
Has a rhyme apropos
It's as if we met when very young,
But time has seen our ripening,
And no-one else has ever made me want to change the way that I grow,
To reach beyond myself

Is a name more than a word?
We both know life is absurd
Thoughts can take wing like a bird
Love is a dream overheard

Oh, there are many Jennifers
(We all know the name was popular)
Ten-for-a-penny Jennifers
Since the time I was small
My life unfolds in episodes
Like chapters in a mystery
And those since you, my Jennifer, have been the very best of them all
That's where I found myself
Track Name: Out of the Workshop
Here is my bench and the tools of my trade
Burnished by decades of love
Sure and I'm proud of the things I have made
I would put nothing above them
Never did I second-guess the hand dealt
Yearn for a different self
But something awakened inside me, I felt
The day I discovered a far grander stage for an elf
I found Tolkien's Middle-Earth and all at once I could see
Far off in the distance,
Another existence
Was waiting for me

Yes, out of the workshop and into the sun
Laughing through Rivendell I long to run
No more indentured, my chains I'll unbind
Galadriel, take me
To Lórien, make me
Of your elfin-kind

Toymaking runs in my family's veins,
A calling of honor and pride
But somewhere beneath tops and teddies and trains,
My heritage beckons inside me,
Whispered Sindarin or Quenya I hear,
Murmuring, "There must be more!"
I'd give up this stolid, respected career
To ride beside Arwen through valleys of old Númenor
I'd trade in my cobbler's hammer and woodworker's drill
For a bow and a quiver
And armor and livery
Made of mithríl

Yes, out of the workshop and into the sun
Laughing through Imladris I long to run
Hail, Lord Elrond! I'm no longer blind;
Galadriel, take me
To Lórien, make me
Of your elfin-kind

A hero like Legolas, greater than Elbereth, I could have been
No Silmarillion tells of a million battles I've seen
Oh, to finally take my place
With an ancient noble race
On those ships across the sea!
To be friend to dwarf and man, to
Finally get away from Santa
And be what I'm meant to be!

Out of the workshop and into the sun
Laughing through Karningul I long to run
Gandalf or Kringle? I've made up my mind:
Galadriel, take me
To Lórien, make me
Of your elfin-kind
Track Name: Time Stands Still
Rolling out dough and you're rolling your eyes
And let the dough rise
At something I said
There's more than the bread,
But I can't be there right now
Kneading the bread as I'm needing your smile
To proof for awhile
And while I'm away
Recalling the day
We ventured to share that vow

And time stands still
Time stands still

Weighing each loaf as I'm weighing my words
They thunder like herds
Through fields of clichés
Replaying the days
Obsessively, one more time
Frosting the cake; is there frost in your voice?
I make every choice
While keeping in mind
You're not running blind:
Together we'll win this climb

And time stands still
(when every moment is like every moment)
Time stands still
(when every moment is like every moment)

Slicing through loaves I'm repeating repeatedly
Actions and thoughts I'll be fleetingly seated with you
Loving through slices of time in proximity
Each like the next but sublime to the limit with you
And time stands still...

Stacking up trays...are we stacking the odds
Or mocking the gods
Each time we succeed
In proving our creed
Is worth more than one thin dime?

And time stands still
(when every moment is like every moment)
Time stands still
(when every moment is like every moment)
Time stands still
(when every moment
is like every moment
is like every moment
is like every moment
is like every moment...)
Track Name: Night Shift
There comes a day,
I'm visiting a backwoods town beside a lake,
hear tell of something rare:
the locals say
that there's a lady all in blue who has been known to take
the air,
but she appears out of nowhere,
then fades away...

There's more to hear:
It seems there are conditions on her manifest,
and rules that have divined
when she'll appear;
and many men who have been drawn here as if on a quest
to find her,
but they learn they cannot bind her,
and she's gone
before the bead of dawn.

Once in a blue moon:
that's when she's seen abroad,
and who'd have thought
a chance would bring me there when it was beaming bright?
Once in a blue moon—
my heart's been stolen from me;
it's become my
dearest wish to turn the moon blue every night.

That eve I stand
and watch the sky with wonder at the moon aglow
in hues of azure fair.
Upon the land
a mist of melting violets glistens like fresh-fallen snow.
I stare,
and just a moment later there
appears her hand.

She's dressed in blue,
and turns her eyes upon me like a thing possessed.
The air is still, and then
she says, "For you
I'd tarry here, but be it known, fair man, I cannot rest,
for when
the moon has lost its hue again
and turned to grey,
Then no more can I stay."

Once in a blue moon,
She walks beside the waters,
And it's not as
Strange as you might think to fall at love's first sight.
Once in a blue moon—
but now look what I'm brought to:
I have got to
find a way to turn the moon blue every night.

I guess I ought to mention here,
I am a starship's engineer,
and thorny problems never leave me dazed.
With just a bit of concentration,
and inventive adaptation,
I can solve this lunar puzzle, facing it unfazed.

So by the lake,
An Einstein-Rosen bridge I learn to generate
within a spheric field,
and then I make
an artificial zone of gravity to compensate
and shield,
and time-dilation is the yield,
for twice as slow
the hours within will go.

Once in a blue moon:
though it was unexpected,
I've bisected
every wavelength there within that hastened light.
Once in a blue moon,
she comes to me thereafter,
and our laughter
echoes 'neath the moon blue-shifted every night.
Track Name: Pigeon Kinda Mood
I may seem flighty, my head in the clouds
I've got a glassy stare,
My nose is in the air
I'm no iconoclast, I follow the crowds
I dig a public square,
I know the gang will all be there
If there's a handout, I'll be makin' the scene
You'll see me struttin', gettin' puffed up for my lady queen
You won't get no respect unless you cop a 'tude
I'm in a pigeon kinda mood

You hear me tappin' at your windowsill
You're at home, I know;You're dealin' with a pro
Don't try to dodge me: you're payin' my bill
I'm not some croakin' crow,
And you're no Edgar Allan Poe
Some sissy said to me, "Don't crap where you eat."
You think I give a rap, then you can kiss my filthy feet
So don't pretend you didn't hear me when I cooed:
I'm in a pigeon kinda mood

Yeah, I've got limits: I won't play your games
I ain't no cockapoo, so don't call me names
I aint no pussycat, so don't try to pet me
But I will eat all those peanuts if you let me
I aint scared of nothin': just go ahead and try--
Is that a hawk up in the sky? 'Scuse me a second....
...Now then, where was I?

It's not all gravy, this life on the wing
I had a pal named Clay;
He ain't with us today
Sometimes you're cashin' in, your crop goes ka-ching!
Along'll come a stray
You've gotta pause to chase away
Look out for number one, beware the double cross
A squab'll rob you blind if you don't let him know who's boss
I've made a livin' bein' obnoxious and rude
I'm in a pigeon kinda mood...

Babe, there is almost nothin' I won't do for food
I'm in a pigeon kinda mood
Track Name: I'll See You When I See You
You're there when I call, and it's been a while
Tell you 'bout my day, and I hear you smile
You get by okay, but there's been some strain
And you've had some sun, but it looks like rain

And I'll see you when I see you
And I'll see you when I see you
And I'll see you when I see you
And I'll see you whenever

I've been writing songs, and I'm doin' fine
I can feel a ghost walkin' on the line
And you sound almost like you want to cry
And you pause too long when I ask you why


It's a dark patch that you're going through
And though I'd like to get together
I can see those clouds that shadow you
And I can wait for fairer weather
If you want to show you love me
Take care of yourself, not of me

There's a soundless shift in the atmosphere
No-one breathes a word, someone sheds a tear
And you say you've heard there'll be clear blue sky
And you thank me then and you say goodbye


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